first week at target

It has been a fairly successful first week at target as I just weighed myself at home and have maintained my weight (albeit on different scales) this week.

So it seems the introduction of a second hexb in the form of bread has been fine. this week I’ve been having them in the form of sandwiches at lunchtime spread with Philadelphia light, sliced cucumber and ham so will continue to have my wholemeal bread but might have to think about freezing some and eating it for different things as sandwiches for lunch every day can get a bit boring, especially as there is so many other things on SW you could have – reheated leftovers from the previous nights dinner are my favourite and requires minimal effort.

As the sun was out at the weekend I managed to get an hour on Sunday sitting in the garden for lunch, we fancied some tapas style nibbles so I whizzed up a small can of chickpeas with lemon juice, garlic salt and pepper to make a syn free hummus which was delicious! plus some pickled baby beetroot, cherry tomatoes, lean ham slices, pickled onions, melba toasts (1/2 syn each) and a huge box of strawberries. I had sugar free cloudy lemonade with mine… that bottle of wine and loaf of bread are nothing to do with me!!


I have a busy weekend coming up and have a lunch out with some friends on Saturday, followed by a fish and chip meal steam train ride Saturday night and then I’ll be going to ‘Grill stock’ on Sunday, which is a festival focused around BBQ’d food. So all in all a pretty tough weekend food wise, i’m just going to make sure the meals I have in between are very much ‘on plan’.

I will however be meeting for my usual Sunday morning run so there will be a bit of body magic in there at least.

Now I have a bit of a thing I would like to tackle next and that’s reducing the amount of artificial sweeteners im having as im sure they can’t be good for you. im not bothered about cutting them out completely, just reducing the amount to start with. I read a  fellow SW’ers blog post about this which got me thinking of all the things I eat on a daily basis that are artificially sweetened and I was shocked at how much it adds up to. it’s in the yogurt I have on my breakfast, plus the squash I drink all day and evening long, diet coke I have in the pub or a can from the machine at work, I also have a lot of things in my cupboards at home that are ‘diet’ versions (jams, custards, jelly, sauces etc) that all have artificial sweeteners in them. So my first aim is to cut out the squash and replace it with water as I consume so much of this, it surely got to do some good in the long run. I will update you on how I get on next week.

Have a good week all.



week 14 – damage limitation

hello again, this week has been fairly good, I managed the two meals I went out for with staying away from the wine completely and only had a small dessert with each meal. there was also another unplanned meal out which was fish and chips but I was very proud of myself for eating all the peas then started on the fish, then I had some of the batter and chips, but not much as I found I was full so I stopped eating and gave the rest to my husband – this is a massive achievement for me as I would usually eat everything really fast then feel uncomfortable as I’d be so stuffed.

As I was off work for 5 days over Easter I also had plenty of soups with rivita minis, sw cooked breakfasts, and tried to keep the meals I had at home a “normal” size (ie. not massive portions like I was having in the past) and serving up at least 1/3 superfree.

However there was a “entire bag of mini eggs” moment that I’m not quite as proud off, as I managed to lose 1lb this week I’d obviously done enough the rest of the week to counteract this but I’m not particularly happy about the fact I scoffed the entire bag in one go, and didn’t even look up the syn value until after I’d eaten them as I knew they’d be high (24 in case you were wondering) and I wanted to eat them guilt-free. I did think afterwards what would a “normal” person do when given a bag of chocolate, would they eat them all as fast as they could and then feel sick? or would they have handful and enjoy them and put the rest away for another time? well I’m going to make it my goal to be that “normal” person who has some amount of self control. I don’t want to be having the same struggle with my weight for the rest of my life and feel if I can tackle this now I might have some chance of being able to enjoy these things and not have it be a massive issue.

Anyway I am pleased with the 1lb off this week – not to much to go to get to target now.

I have a clear week this week, apart from a trip to KFC planned for tomorrow lunchtime with my work colleagues – I’m going to have the mini fillet chicken with regular fries for 14 syns which is perfect portion size to fill me up and I will make sure I have plenty of superfree the rest of the day and keep any additional syns to a minimum.

I’ve decided to blog a daily update with my food diary this week so you can see what I’m doing differently plus it’s helpful for me to look back on to remember how I did it when I’m struggling.

Hope you all have a good week 🙂