Week 15 – almost there :)

It was my weigh in this evening and I was pleased to have a 2lb loss, only 1.5lb to go to target now¬†ūüôā



I’d ran out of muesli so had¬†Tesco fat free blueberry¬†yogurt, a banana and 3 semi dried prunes chopped on top (3 sys) with a mug of tea made with semi skimmed milk.



Homemade vegetable soup with pasta and a bag of mini Rivitas (hexb)

afternoon snack:


Morrisons smothered forest fruits on the go (5 syns)



Gammon, pineapple, baked beans, SW chips and an egg.



low on time = low on syns



Banana, strawberry’s, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, half a hexb portion of Dorset cereals muesli as that was all that was left so I added 3 semi-dried prunes (part hexb) plus a Americano with skimmed milk.



The left over pasta and mince beef and veg sauce from the other evening with a bit of salad and 10g parmesan cheese on top.

I was so busy today I didn’t really think about snacking, I¬†only had an apple mid afternoon as I was bit peckish otherwise just water and 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk.


No photo – I was the last quorn sausage (1 syn) grilled then sliced and “fried” with mushrooms, tomato, peppers, red onion, left over cooked new potatoes sliced and some paprika and tomato puree.

I also went to running club and did a 3.5 mile run this evening

running and sunday roasts

The 8.30am run was back on this week, so that was the first thing that was done today, we managed a respectable 3 miles and it made me remember i actually like running and must make an effort to do more of it.

Back home in the warmth and breakfast was the next thing on the agenda, as I’d enjoyed my cereal, yogurt and fruit the other morning i¬†had something similar, but with some¬†blueberries this time, along with banana, strawberries and a weight watchers citrus yogurt, and topped with 35g¬†of Dorset cereals muesli (hexb)¬†equally as nice and also fills me up a bit more than just my normal¬†fruit and yogurt.


I also used up the rest of the skimmed milk i had measured out, from the 350ml it made 6 mugs, so 58ml per mug, that will equal 4 mugs of tea when im at work as there is only semi skimmed milk there which the allowance is 250ml for a hexa.

Lunch time came around quickly and i¬†was at home so had the last of the jacket potatoes i’d baked in the oven the other night, reheated¬†with¬†57g¬†low low¬†cheese spread (hexa) some chives¬†and a big salad.


a few snacks were eaten during the afternoon along with a few mugs of tea there was¬†a sw light hi¬†fi bar, a satsuma¬†and a hexb¬†allowance of dried prunes – that them finished now. that’s the only thing with these things, once there opened they have a short shelf life so you end up eating them every day so as not to throw them out. i can see im going to be eating this muesli for a while now the box is open.


And as its sunday and its cold outside and there’s the thought of getting up and going to work in it tomorrow, nothing makes a sunday evening more enjoyable¬†than a sunday roast. Hubby did me proud with this little lot (i¬†also think he’s enjoying me having lots of veg on my plate which doesnt¬†leave much room for meat and potatoes … his favorite bits!). So i¬†had 1/3 of my plate with pork with the fat removed and sweet potato and potatoes roasted in fry light and 2/3 of my plate,¬†carrots, shallots, broccoli¬†and¬†mange tout and green beans. i also had a low syn gravy with 1 level tsp of cornflour in it for 1 syn.


i¬†had to eat this in two sittings as it was so big, i¬†need to tackle that next, my hubby serves up huge portion sizes and i eat it because it’s there and I’ll carry on eating¬†long past I’m full too.

So after being so full it was a while before i¬†fancied something sweet to finish, i¬†was planning on another knicker¬†blocker glory but just can’t manage it tonight but i¬†could manage a couple of spoon full of sugar free¬†jelly for half a syn and a¬†marshmallow for 1.5 syns.


free food (success express) – speed foods




ww citrus yogurt

jacket potato








sweet potato

green beans

healthy extras

A Рskimmed milk in 3 drinks

A Р57g low low cheese spread

B35g Dorset cereals muesli

B – 80g prunes


 SW hifi light bar (3 syns)

1 level tsp cornflour (1 syn)

sugar free jelly (0.5 syn)

basset flump marshmallow 30g (1.5 syns)

Total syns = 6

Body magic

3 mile run

Week 8 weigh in

As I’d¬†not used my hexb¬†yesterday and have been forgetting about using it, today¬†i¬†had some rivita¬†for breakfast as you can have 4 original as a hexb. i¬†had 2 with some low low¬†cheddar¬†and black pepper spread on, plus some more pale and flavorless watermelon and the last greek style yogurt (0.5 syn)


I made the mid- morning round of tea for us all in the office and one of my colleagues had brought in some breakaway bars, they are 5 syns each so i felt it was worth it even though they are tiny it was a nice little chocolate fix.


I didn’t take a pic of my lunch as it was the same as i¬†had last night, the quorn¬†cottage pie (well actually i¬†forgot until i was half way through eating it).

I nipped out to the shops at lunch time (in the car :/ ) as i¬†knew i¬†might not get through the afternoon without¬†getting hungry and as there are quite a few vending machines in our building, i¬†don’t¬†want to risk it, there is nothing remotely¬†healthy in any of them! so i¬†got some semi dried prunes, 80g¬†of these are a hexb, but as i’d¬†already had half of todays allowance¬†on the rivita¬†i¬†just had 40g¬†(i¬†guessed at about 5 prunes as didn’t happen to have any scales on me at work and didn’t¬†have time to count them out to work it out) i also had a banana an afternoon cuppa.


So onto weigh in, Р0.5 lbs , which i was slightly disappointed with as i was aiming to lose the 1.5lb i put on last week, annoying that it was so easy to put on that amount in one week but so difficult to lose the same amount again. Am going to try a superspeed week this week as really need to kick-start this weight loss.

With weigh in out the way and a massive shopping trip done, it was home to cook tonight’s¬†meal, it was late ish and i¬†had lots to do this evening so needed something without too much¬†faffing, we ended up having pasta, with mushrooms, bacon with the fat cut off, broccoli¬† and the rest of the a tub of low low¬†cheddar mixed through.


and some mango, kiwi and passion fruit with fat free natural fromage frais


free food

water melon

quorn mince


beef stock

veg in pie






passion fruit

fat free natural fromage frais

healthy extras

A Р57g low low cheddar spread

B Р2 original rivita + 40g semi dried prunes


Muller light greek style (0.5 syns)

break away chocolate bar (5 syns)

4 mugs of tea made with semi skimmed milk (2 syns)

Total syns = 7.5

Body magic