Week 15 – almost there :)

It was my weigh in this evening and I was pleased to have a 2lb loss, only 1.5lb to go to target now¬†ūüôā



I’d ran out of muesli so had¬†Tesco fat free blueberry¬†yogurt, a banana and 3 semi dried prunes chopped on top (3 sys) with a mug of tea made with semi skimmed milk.



Homemade vegetable soup with pasta and a bag of mini Rivitas (hexb)

afternoon snack:


Morrisons smothered forest fruits on the go (5 syns)



Gammon, pineapple, baked beans, SW chips and an egg.


low on time = low on syns



Banana, strawberry’s, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, half a hexb portion of Dorset cereals muesli as that was all that was left so I added 3 semi-dried prunes (part hexb) plus a Americano with skimmed milk.



The left over pasta and mince beef and veg sauce from the other evening with a bit of salad and 10g parmesan cheese on top.

I was so busy today I didn’t really think about snacking, I¬†only had an apple mid afternoon as I was bit peckish otherwise just water and 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk.


No photo – I was the last quorn sausage (1 syn) grilled then sliced and “fried” with mushrooms, tomato, peppers, red onion, left over cooked new potatoes sliced and some paprika and tomato puree.

I also went to running club and did a 3.5 mile run this evening

oops syn slip up



28g Dorset cereal muesli, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, chopped banana and strawberry, mug of tea.




I forgot to make something for lunch so picked this up from sainsburys. unfortunately I read the pack wrong and it turns out the sauce is 4.5 syns for half the pouch not the whole pouch like I thought. I had half the rice for 1 syn and half the veggies.



pasta, beef and tomato sauce and salad.



stewed apple and currents with cinnamon (3 syns) and low fat custard (1 syn)

seeing as I also had a crunchie chocolate bar for 9.5 syns today, this takes my syns for the day to 19… hence the “oops” will have to try and not have to many tomorrow.





biscuits and alcohol…and staying on the wagon



28g Dorset cereals muesli (hexb) banana, strawberry, Tesco fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt and a cuppa.



No KFC as I didn’t tell hubby and he had already made me this. Left over spaghetti¬†with beef and veg sauce¬†from last night with side salad and 10g¬†parmesan cheese (hexa along with milk in 2 teas)

Afternoon snack:


cuppa and a 3.5 syn cookie

I also had a gin and slimline tonic in the pub after work for 4 syns.



2 chicken mini fillets with broccoli, soya beans, pak choi, and lots of thai spices served with 1/4 pouch of Tilda lime and coriander rice for 0.5 syns.

Followed later by 1/2 pint made up of sugar free jelly, a pint is 1.5 syns so 3/4 of a syn for the portion I had.


Week 10 weigh in…must try harder

Annoyingly now after wrighting this post twice and it crashing and deleting it’s self, im going to keep this short and sweet! here’s breakfast, lunch and dinner:




i maintained at weigh in which i was expecting (but still slightly disappointed)

we have people over for a curry tonight¬†so hubby is cooking me a SW friendly curry and i¬†plan to stick to diet soft drinks throughout the evening … will let you know how that goes tomorrow.

free food



fruit salad

muller light







 sw chips



healthy extras

A – semi skimmed milk in 4 teas

B –¬†35g Dorset cereals muesli

B Р30g bag of rivita minis


low syn sausage (1 syns)

gravy (2 syns)

sw light hifi bar (3 syns)

Total syns = 6

Body magic


those doughnuts are still flippin there!

today was a hungry day that’s¬†for sure¬†so it was quite hard to keep saying no all the naughty treats that were on offer today. I don’t¬†think that it helped that i¬†had my breakfast¬†so early, i¬†wanted to eat then walk the dog then go and do the food shopping and get to work all before 8.30am which resulted in me not only walking the dog in the dark but eating my breakfast so early that i¬†was hungry again by the time i¬†got to work. So after the bowl of banana, strawberries, yogurt and muesli¬†i also had a banana and a take out coffee upon arrival to work.


I as also annoyed to see that the doughnut i¬†reluctantly¬†said no to yesterday was still there waiting to be eaten, but i¬†did a quick syn check online (well i¬†was tempted) and¬† i¬†didn’t¬†think 15.5 syns for a stale doughnut was worth it so had a satsuma instead.

I was supposed to be doing a SE day today but lunch didn’t¬†really meet this criteria as it was pasta, ham, a hexa¬†portion of cheese and a few bits of customary¬†red pepper, which wasnt even 1/3 superfree let alone 2/3 – but on the plus side it was very filling.


it was however a long afternoon and i snacked on some grapes and a bag of rivita minis (hexb) along with a couple of mugs of tea. As i was out tonight i had an early (and quick) dinner of a very unconventional tomato mugshot and a fruit salad.


Now here is where things started to go a bit wrong. I knew there was going to be a buffet where i¬†was going so i¬†thought if i¬†ate¬†before i¬†went and took a banana with me i¬†could resist¬†the temptation… however, i¬†ended up having two quarter sandwiches¬†one with cheese and tomato and one with pork and i¬†had a slice of chocolate cake, 5 jelly babies and 4 crisps. well at least i¬†kept count so i¬†didn’t¬†go to made i suppose, but still all high syn stuff.

My aim now is to make tomorrow a real SE day on all 3 meals, as i went shopping this morning and stocked up on lots of fruit and veggies this shouldnt be to hard (so she says!)

free food




ww yogurt




tomato mug shot

fruit salad

healthy extras

A – semi skimmed milk in 4 teas

A – 40g reduced fat cheese

B –¬†35g Dorset cereals muesli

B Р30g bag of rivita minis


1 slice of wholemeal bread (4 syns)

couple of tsps of margarine? (3 syns)

small slice of chocolate cake (5 syns Рit was very small)

5 jelly babies (5 syns)

4 crisps (2 syns?)

Total syns = 19

Body magic

1 mile walk

Week 5 weigh in and Loving Frankie & Bennys

First things first (plus I can hardly contain my excitement!) weigh in today went very well… a 3lb loss!

Was so not expecting that, considering I’ve been out for a few meals this week and succumbed to a cake here and there, but am so pleased with what I achieved, it’s made up for last weeks “maintain” and has given me motivation for the week ahead. Now I’m not totally forgetting about the fact I usually get weighed on a Thursday evening after a full day of eating and today i got weighed before I’d even eaten¬†breakfast, but even still it’s a good result ūüôā

Talking of breakfast, that was a eaten when i got home and i just had a few sliced strawberries a kiwi and a Greek style Muller light coconut flavour (0.5 syns).


Then it was time to meet the girls for lunch, as we had a baby in tow we decided on Frankie and Benny as it’s kiddy friendly. I’ve never been into a Frankie and Benny before and I must say I was most impressed (apart from the screaming kids everywhere!),¬†there is a huge selection on the menu and there was several items I liked the sound off and were sw friendly, we had some starters to share so I ate 2 bbq¬†chicken wings (1 syn each approx), then for main i¬†had a Chargrilled¬†7oz¬†Steak Salad –¬†7oz¬†rump cooked to your liking and served with a fresh rocket, tomato, spinach and red onion salad, sprinkled with Grana Padano. Cherry tomatoes on the vine and half a char-grilled lemon are served on the side. The only syns¬†would have been the Grana Padano but I’m only going to could 1 at most as it was really only the tiniest of a sprinkling. It was really tasty too, I’ll be going back there again I think.

And we had to have a puddingt didn’t we, i¬†choose the Mango sorbet from the lighter choices menu which was lovely but very small, (ben and Jerry mango sorbet is 4.5 syns per 100g so I’m using that as a guide). I also stuck to diet coke (well it was only lunch time!)

After a bit of shopping we then popped into a costa coffee and i sent my friend to the counter to get the coffees (I had an american with a thimble full of milk Рso free / hexa) and she came back with a bag of mini muffins! So I had one with my coffee, but at 3.5 syns there not to bad I suppose.

I wanted to try a recipe from my Jamie Oliver cook book i got for christmas this evening, so choose the honeyed Pork chops and minted cabbage and peaches and custard to finish. I made the Boulangere potato stacks from the Extra Easy Entertaining book to go with them.


The pork is trimmed of fat then fried (in fry light) on the hob with some garlic and fennel seeds, then into the oven with sages leaves and a drizzle of honey (1 syn)

For dessert, i peeled and chopped some fresh peachs then warmed them in a pan with a drop of water and a cinnamon stick and served with 2 level tbsp of ready-made low-fat custard (1 syn) and decorated with a few raspberries Рdelicious!


free food










healthy extras

A Рmilk in coffee x 2 + 10g reduced fat cheese

B – none


BBQ chicken wings (2 syns)

cheese on salad (1 syn)

mango sorbet 100g (4.5 syns)

Costa coffee mini choc muffin 19g (3.5 sysn)

Muller Light Greek Style yogurt (0.5 syns)

1 level tsp honey (1 syn)

2 level tbsp of ready-made low-fat custard (1 syn)

Total syns = 13

Body magic

1 hour of gardening + walk to SW meeting and back (1 mile ish)

breakfast bar fail

I’d brought a few¬†different things¬†to try this week, one being twinings¬†lemon zest¬†tea, thought I could have this at work so I don’t use all my hexa on milk in tea then I could have some syn free cheese – it was quite nice and refreshing.

Also brought some McVities porridge oats breakfast bars, thinking I could incorporate these into breakfast instead of bread, plus the thought of a biscuit sounded great, but after doing some research have found out they are not a hexb and are 3 syns per biscuit, so will be passing those over to my husband to take to work.

Anyway on with today, breakfast was another fruit salad, fat-free¬†yogurt and lemon tea, getting very repetitive but can’t¬†quite work out whet else to have and¬†at half six in the morning I can’t really manage anything¬†much more¬†complicated!


Lunch was the left over from last nights tea, which went down a treat, and as I was feeling rather hungry today also had an apple, sw light bar, banana, satsuma and some cherries.


Now, the¬†office “chocolate table” also doubles as a sweet table and today there were 5 big bags of Haribo¬†on there (there were only¬†7 of us in the office!) so I feel I was very¬†good in only having¬†just two¬†sweets¬†(0.5 syns each) I’m¬†still trying to save a few syns for meals out this week as I know I’m likely to go over.

I was out this evening so hubby was in charge of tonight’s evening meal and he’d made a delicious mexican chicken (he used a discovery fajita mix which was¬†4 syns for the pack) with wedges, home-made salsa and salad.


Then another bowl of pineapple with Greek style Coconut flavour Muller Light on top to finish.


Felt really good today¬†, I¬†think the full nights sleep helped, but I¬†seem to have so much more energy now and just feel healthier all round ūüôā

free food

Muller light





bean chilli








SW wedges


healthy extras

A Рmilk in tea x 3

B – 1 x SW hifi light bar


2 x Haribo sweet (1 syn)

Discovery fajita mix – half pack (2 syns)

Muller Light Greek Style yogurt (0.5 syns)

Total syns = 3.5

Body magic

10 minutes of Pilates

BMI check

Thought I’d check my BMI (Body mass index) on the NHS website this morning and it’s now 25.6 which is only just in the overweight category (18.5 to 25 is healthy weight) so hoping after next weeks weigh in I’ll be officially a healthy weight, even if it is¬†only just.

Breakfast was late this morning…quarter to 1pm actually! I made myself a soft-boiled egg with 1 slice of (Stale – but that’s irrelevant)¬†wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf spread with Marmite, plus a mug of hot water and lemon.


Really needed to go and brave driving today even though it was snowing again. So managed to get out to various places to do some appliance shopping and other bits and bobs. Had to do an emergency stop at a shop whilst out to get a Pepsi max and a banana to keep me going too.

I had the rest of the Kerry Low Low cheese spread to use up and as the pasta I had the other day was so nice, I made it again but this time with some smoked bacon and mushrooms mixed in for my lunch.


Almost forgot about the Pilates DVD again today, so went and did it just before tea, as its only 10 minutes and I don’t need to get changed¬†or have a shower afterwards it’s not to much of an effort to do.

Dinner was late this evening seeing as lunch was only eaten at 4pm, Hubby cooked us a lovely sunday roast, Beef¬†with roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, onion and gravy made from Knor¬†stock pot, Worcester sauce, onion and 1 tsp of gravy granules mixed in to thicken it (1 syn),¬†I even enjoyed¬†a glass of wine with it, I¬†had one of those small (187ml) bottles in the fridge, but after working¬†out the whole bottle¬†had 9 syns, I Decided to just have half… now that is¬†self-control!! This was then¬†finished off with some sugar-free orange jelly (1.5 syns – no sharing today).


free food


Pepsi max









sweet potato

stock pot

Worcester sauce

healthy extras

A Р57g Kerry Low Low cheddar spread

B – 1 slice of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf


skimmed milk in 4 coffees (1.5 syns)

1 tsp bisto reduced salt gravy granules (1 syn)

sugar-free orange jelly (1.5 syns)

93.5ml of white wine (4.5 syns)

Total syns = 8.5

Body magic

10 minutes Pilates DVD