low on time = low on syns



Banana, strawberry’s, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, half a hexb portion of Dorset cereals muesli as that was all that was left so I added 3 semi-dried prunes (part hexb) plus a Americano with skimmed milk.



The left over pasta and mince beef and veg sauce from the other evening with a bit of salad and 10g parmesan cheese on top.

I was so busy today I didn’t really think about snacking, I only had an apple mid afternoon as I was bit peckish otherwise just water and 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk.


No photo – I was the last quorn sausage (1 syn) grilled then sliced and “fried” with mushrooms, tomato, peppers, red onion, left over cooked new potatoes sliced and some paprika and tomato puree.

I also went to running club and did a 3.5 mile run this evening


biscuits and alcohol…and staying on the wagon



28g Dorset cereals muesli (hexb) banana, strawberry, Tesco fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt and a cuppa.



No KFC as I didn’t tell hubby and he had already made me this. Left over spaghetti with beef and veg sauce from last night with side salad and 10g parmesan cheese (hexa along with milk in 2 teas)

Afternoon snack:


cuppa and a 3.5 syn cookie

I also had a gin and slimline tonic in the pub after work for 4 syns.



2 chicken mini fillets with broccoli, soya beans, pak choi, and lots of thai spices served with 1/4 pouch of Tilda lime and coriander rice for 0.5 syns.

Followed later by 1/2 pint made up of sugar free jelly, a pint is 1.5 syns so 3/4 of a syn for the portion I had.