So I thought as it’s a new year I needed a new challenge… get back to target! And as I have been following other slimming blogs online and find them very inspiring, it has encouraged me to give it a go myself, so here goes ..

I orignaly stated slimming world in 2010 and managed to lose the 2 stone to get to my target weight, since then I have put on a stone and would love to lose this again. So just before Xmas 2012 (I know, a ridiculous time of year to start a slimming club!)  I restarted and my aim is to get to target by April 2013.

My plan is to document my food diary, any body magic (that’s excercise to any non- slimming worlders) and my general day-to-day life in the world of a slimmer. I’m hoping this blog will keep me on track and maybe inspire a few others to stay on the wagon too!

My weight loss journey so far…

Week 01     -1lb     15lbs to go

Week 02     -1lb     14lbs to go

Week 03     -2lb     12lbs to go

Week 04     same     12lbs to go

Week 05     -3lb       9lbs to go

Week 06     same       9lbs to go

Week 07     +1.5lb       10.5lbs to go

Week 08     -0.5lb       10lbs to go

Week 09     -3lb       7lbs to go

Week 10     same       7lbs to go

week 11       +3lb      10lbs to go

week 12       -4lb      6lbs to go

week 13       -1.5lb      4.5lbs to go

week 14       -1lb      3.5lbs to go

week 15       -2lb      1.5lbs to go

week 16       +0.5lb      2lbs to go

week 17       -4.5lb      Target!! (2.5lbs to spare)

week 18       same      Target (2.5lbs to spare)

week 19       +1.5lb      Target (1lb to spare)

week 20       +1.5lb      Target (1lb to spare)

week 21       -3lb      Target (4lb to spare)

week 22       same      Target (4lb to spare)


One response

  1. it ;looks like I am losing the at the same rate as you slowly but surely, you never mentioned your age and height, thankx for the inspiring menus xx

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