Not much to report this week, a maintain at my weigh in which I’m happy with. I have been having 2 x of each hex a’s and b’s this week so that seems to be working out fine at the moment.

I have also stuck to going to running club and am really enjoying it but missed the weekend run as I just had to much on. will try again this weekend.

Another quite week (food wise) coming up, a couple of meals out planned at the weekend but apart from that not to much stopping me having a maintain next week (just my willpower!)

so will report back next week.

here’s to another week of food optimising fun 🙂




I love my new plate!

I realised i missed last weeks blog update, but i did weigh myself at home and was around about the same, i say round about as my weight on my scales at home seams to quite different deoending on the time of day and from one day to the next, which im not sure is normal or not, like 5-6 lbs difference!?

so today (just now infact) my weight is 4lbs below target, which is great but I probably need to start having 2 hex b’s again so it dosnt drop anymore. im thinking thats more of a healthy way to be rather than have a weeks binge to get back to target.

I made a new purchase last week of this amazing plate though! it’s made of glass and has 3 sections, here it is demonstrated by tongihts dinner of a veggie packed tomato and beef sauce, pasta and salad. i find it great for portion cortrol and i quite like all my food being seprated (bit weird i know!) i got it here if you want one


I don’t have to much on this week to throw me off course, i have a girly lunch on saturday but will stick to one glass of wine (well it is the middle of the day!) and a bbq planned for sunday which may invlove some booze and cake but will try not to go overboard if i can help it.

My running friend is on holiday this week and im not very good at getting the motivation to go by myself so i’ve signed up to a scheme called park run, which has free 5k runs all around the country it’s on every saturday morning at 9am and they track you and upload the details onto the website, you can find out some about it here

will update again next thursday and will try and make it to group too.

have a good week all