Post holiday weigh in

This was my first official weigh in after holiday and after a week eating, drinking and not doing particularly much else I stepped on the scales in anticipation, I had a 2lb gain from my last official weigh in 3 weeks ago so am still within my target range (1lb over target) so am happy there’s not to much damage to rectify.

Although I had in the back of my mind to be eating plenty of fruit and veg I did go overboard on more than one occasion and soft white bread with butter was one thing I couldn’t bloody stop eating! I did make an effort to use the smaller starter plates at the buffet though so maybe that helped a bit.

So back to reality (and rain it seams!) and I’ve already been out running once and have another session scheduled in for Sunday morning. Hubby is also going to fix my puncher on my bike so will take it out at the weekend if it stops raining long enough.

We also went and did A big shop and have stocked up on all sorts of sw friendly goodies that I’m really looking forward to this week. Will make an effort to post on my twitter any new recipes with photos.

Have a good week all xxx

2 responses

  1. Not too much damage for a wonderful holiday. Trying LOTS of new recipe ideas from your mags plus my online subscription. Well done darling x x

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