a gain :(

my second week at target and I’ve gained already :(, I weighed myself at home last night and had a 1.5lb gain and I completely know what this is down to and it’s not undeserved! An entire weekend of eating until I felt sick was the cause of this for sure – from pizza, garlic bread, cheese cake and booze on Saturday, fish and chips and ice cream Saturday night and bbq’d food, doughnuts and sweets on Sunday i;m surprised its not more! As nice as it was at the time I did feel really ill afterwards as im just not used to eating that quantity of greasy food (anymore!)

I haven’t been going completely off the rails though and a long side my usual meals I tried a lovely thai curry made with quorn fillets which I marinated in soy sauce, lime juice and ginger and oven baked then I sliced them and added them to a pan of chopped shallots, green beans, red pepper , kaffier lime leaves and a bit of veg stock and served with some jasmine rice with chopped fresh herbs (from the garden!) mixed through… how nice does this look:


this week coming up is going to be challenging (food wise) to say the least. I’m off out for a meal / drinks tonight (even though I’ve not even started packing yet!) and we head to the airport tomorrow morning for a week in a all inclusive hotel in Greece.

so am hard as i’m going to try and not make myself feel ill but eating huge quantities of high syn food I do know that I will be drinking alcohol most days and having a dessert most days (ok everyday – I’ve been looking at the photos on trip advisor!) but I will weigh in next Sunday evening when i’m back and go from there.

I also missed running club on wed and will miss this Sunday and all next week too so that’s not going to help matters either. I have however arranged to meet my friend the Monday morning for a run and will be attending group the following Thursday so have plenty of things in place to get me back on track.

Have a good week all


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