I did it!!!!!

As the title suggests I had an excellent result at weigh in tonight of -4.5lbs (over two weeks) bringing me nicely into my target with 2.5lb’s to spare too. I’m quite pleased i’m on the lower side of target too as I have an all inclusive weeks holiday coming up in a couple of weeks and although im planning on not going to mad I know I will overindulge just a bit. I do plan on using the facilities by swimming daily and drinking lots of …. water (come on what did you think I was going to say!) though.

As pleased as I am to get to target and I feel so much better, – I’ve got more energy, my clothes fit better, my skin is clearer and my wobbly bits aren’t quite as wobbly – I am a bit worried about maintaining this new weight. As I’ve been at target once before and I put half the weight back on, admittedly over quite a few months, but it still slowly snuck back on with a little extra treat here and another glass of wine there.

So this time I plan to do what Slimming World recommend and increase my healthy extras. As the weather is getting nicer now we have said at work we are going to walk to the local park (5 min walk) and eat our lunch there so I’m going to need to take something I don’t need to reheat and I’ve been thinking I’m going to try re-introducing a HEXB portion of wholemeal bread so I can take a sandwich and some fruit. I’ll see how this goes and re-asses if I find I start gaining.

Also I now have a twitter page if you want to follow me it’s: https://twitter.com/SWorlddaily

I’ll be still attending group, maybe not every week, but at least once a month if not more and I’ll still be updating the blog weekly to start with, if I don’t make it to group that week i’ll weigh myself at home and update on here so I can see if I’m starting to creep up again.


I made this from some of the photo’s of foods I have uploaded to my blog!


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