Post holiday weigh in

This was my first official weigh in after holiday and after a week eating, drinking and not doing particularly much else I stepped on the scales in anticipation, I had a 2lb gain from my last official weigh in 3 weeks ago so am still within my target range (1lb over target) so am happy there’s not to much damage to rectify.

Although I had in the back of my mind to be eating plenty of fruit and veg I did go overboard on more than one occasion and soft white bread with butter was one thing I couldn’t bloody stop eating! I did make an effort to use the smaller starter plates at the buffet though so maybe that helped a bit.

So back to reality (and rain it seams!) and I’ve already been out running once and have another session scheduled in for Sunday morning. Hubby is also going to fix my puncher on my bike so will take it out at the weekend if it stops raining long enough.

We also went and did A big shop and have stocked up on all sorts of sw friendly goodies that I’m really looking forward to this week. Will make an effort to post on my twitter any new recipes with photos.

Have a good week all xxx


a gain :(

my second week at target and I’ve gained already :(, I weighed myself at home last night and had a 1.5lb gain and I completely know what this is down to and it’s not undeserved! An entire weekend of eating until I felt sick was the cause of this for sure – from pizza, garlic bread, cheese cake and booze on Saturday, fish and chips and ice cream Saturday night and bbq’d food, doughnuts and sweets on Sunday i;m surprised its not more! As nice as it was at the time I did feel really ill afterwards as im just not used to eating that quantity of greasy food (anymore!)

I haven’t been going completely off the rails though and a long side my usual meals I tried a lovely thai curry made with quorn fillets which I marinated in soy sauce, lime juice and ginger and oven baked then I sliced them and added them to a pan of chopped shallots, green beans, red pepper , kaffier lime leaves and a bit of veg stock and served with some jasmine rice with chopped fresh herbs (from the garden!) mixed through… how nice does this look:


this week coming up is going to be challenging (food wise) to say the least. I’m off out for a meal / drinks tonight (even though I’ve not even started packing yet!) and we head to the airport tomorrow morning for a week in a all inclusive hotel in Greece.

so am hard as i’m going to try and not make myself feel ill but eating huge quantities of high syn food I do know that I will be drinking alcohol most days and having a dessert most days (ok everyday – I’ve been looking at the photos on trip advisor!) but I will weigh in next Sunday evening when i’m back and go from there.

I also missed running club on wed and will miss this Sunday and all next week too so that’s not going to help matters either. I have however arranged to meet my friend the Monday morning for a run and will be attending group the following Thursday so have plenty of things in place to get me back on track.

Have a good week all

first week at target

It has been a fairly successful first week at target as I just weighed myself at home and have maintained my weight (albeit on different scales) this week.

So it seems the introduction of a second hexb in the form of bread has been fine. this week I’ve been having them in the form of sandwiches at lunchtime spread with Philadelphia light, sliced cucumber and ham so will continue to have my wholemeal bread but might have to think about freezing some and eating it for different things as sandwiches for lunch every day can get a bit boring, especially as there is so many other things on SW you could have – reheated leftovers from the previous nights dinner are my favourite and requires minimal effort.

As the sun was out at the weekend I managed to get an hour on Sunday sitting in the garden for lunch, we fancied some tapas style nibbles so I whizzed up a small can of chickpeas with lemon juice, garlic salt and pepper to make a syn free hummus which was delicious! plus some pickled baby beetroot, cherry tomatoes, lean ham slices, pickled onions, melba toasts (1/2 syn each) and a huge box of strawberries. I had sugar free cloudy lemonade with mine… that bottle of wine and loaf of bread are nothing to do with me!!


I have a busy weekend coming up and have a lunch out with some friends on Saturday, followed by a fish and chip meal steam train ride Saturday night and then I’ll be going to ‘Grill stock’ on Sunday, which is a festival focused around BBQ’d food. So all in all a pretty tough weekend food wise, i’m just going to make sure the meals I have in between are very much ‘on plan’.

I will however be meeting for my usual Sunday morning run so there will be a bit of body magic in there at least.

Now I have a bit of a thing I would like to tackle next and that’s reducing the amount of artificial sweeteners im having as im sure they can’t be good for you. im not bothered about cutting them out completely, just reducing the amount to start with. I read a  fellow SW’ers blog post about this which got me thinking of all the things I eat on a daily basis that are artificially sweetened and I was shocked at how much it adds up to. it’s in the yogurt I have on my breakfast, plus the squash I drink all day and evening long, diet coke I have in the pub or a can from the machine at work, I also have a lot of things in my cupboards at home that are ‘diet’ versions (jams, custards, jelly, sauces etc) that all have artificial sweeteners in them. So my first aim is to cut out the squash and replace it with water as I consume so much of this, it surely got to do some good in the long run. I will update you on how I get on next week.

Have a good week all.


I did it!!!!!

As the title suggests I had an excellent result at weigh in tonight of -4.5lbs (over two weeks) bringing me nicely into my target with 2.5lb’s to spare too. I’m quite pleased i’m on the lower side of target too as I have an all inclusive weeks holiday coming up in a couple of weeks and although im planning on not going to mad I know I will overindulge just a bit. I do plan on using the facilities by swimming daily and drinking lots of …. water (come on what did you think I was going to say!) though.

As pleased as I am to get to target and I feel so much better, – I’ve got more energy, my clothes fit better, my skin is clearer and my wobbly bits aren’t quite as wobbly – I am a bit worried about maintaining this new weight. As I’ve been at target once before and I put half the weight back on, admittedly over quite a few months, but it still slowly snuck back on with a little extra treat here and another glass of wine there.

So this time I plan to do what Slimming World recommend and increase my healthy extras. As the weather is getting nicer now we have said at work we are going to walk to the local park (5 min walk) and eat our lunch there so I’m going to need to take something I don’t need to reheat and I’ve been thinking I’m going to try re-introducing a HEXB portion of wholemeal bread so I can take a sandwich and some fruit. I’ll see how this goes and re-asses if I find I start gaining.

Also I now have a twitter page if you want to follow me it’s:

I’ll be still attending group, maybe not every week, but at least once a month if not more and I’ll still be updating the blog weekly to start with, if I don’t make it to group that week i’ll weigh myself at home and update on here so I can see if I’m starting to creep up again.


I made this from some of the photo’s of foods I have uploaded to my blog!