i’m still here

No ive not fallen off the face of the earth, Ive just been very busy and now im a week behind with the posts.

Last weeks weigh in was a bit disappointing as I only had 1.5lb to get to target I was sure I could do it, but on weight in night I put on 1/2 a lb which was a shame, but could of been so much worse so didn’t get to downhearted about it for long.

I’ve been out for a birthday meal tonight (not mine) so missed this weeks weigh in. so I now have 2lb to lose to get my target for next Thursday.

I’ve been having breakfasts of mesuli, fat free yogurt and fruit most days with a cooked breakfast on the weekends (sw friendly of course) and have been making either veggie soups, salads with left over chicken or beef, or just left overs from the night before for my lunches. I’ve also been trying out a few recipes from my new Jamie Oliver cook book and altering them slightly to make them lower syn. Lamb Koftas have been a recent favourite, using lean lamb mince and grilling rather than frying them, served with a big salad, sprinkled with a small amount of reduced fat feta and served with minty cous cous.

I’ve also been keeping up with the running twice a week and have the 7k run at Blenheim palace this Sunday which i’m feeling confident about… hopefully it doesn’t rain though!

I hope all those weighing in this week got what they wanted, looking forward to seeing everyone at my group next week, have a good week all xxx

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