Week 15 – almost there :)

It was my weigh in this evening and I was pleased to have a 2lb loss, only 1.5lb to go to target now 🙂



I’d ran out of muesli so had Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, a banana and 3 semi dried prunes chopped on top (3 sys) with a mug of tea made with semi skimmed milk.



Homemade vegetable soup with pasta and a bag of mini Rivitas (hexb)

afternoon snack:


Morrisons smothered forest fruits on the go (5 syns)



Gammon, pineapple, baked beans, SW chips and an egg.



One response

  1. Great news Mandy, so pleased with your progress. How do you plan to maintain? Interested. We are going for a stroll around Whole Foods in Cheltenham tomorrow as Dad wants something from there. I’m going to buy an exotic fruit and coffee. Want to come for a couple of hours? X x

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