i’m still here

No ive not fallen off the face of the earth, Ive just been very busy and now im a week behind with the posts.

Last weeks weigh in was a bit disappointing as I only had 1.5lb to get to target I was sure I could do it, but on weight in night I put on 1/2 a lb which was a shame, but could of been so much worse so didn’t get to downhearted about it for long.

I’ve been out for a birthday meal tonight (not mine) so missed this weeks weigh in. so I now have 2lb to lose to get my target for next Thursday.

I’ve been having breakfasts of mesuli, fat free yogurt and fruit most days with a cooked breakfast on the weekends (sw friendly of course) and have been making either veggie soups, salads with left over chicken or beef, or just left overs from the night before for my lunches. I’ve also been trying out a few recipes from my new Jamie Oliver cook book and altering them slightly to make them lower syn. Lamb Koftas have been a recent favourite, using lean lamb mince and grilling rather than frying them, served with a big salad, sprinkled with a small amount of reduced fat feta and served with minty cous cous.

I’ve also been keeping up with the running twice a week and have the 7k run at Blenheim palace this Sunday which i’m feeling confident about… hopefully it doesn’t rain though!

I hope all those weighing in this week got what they wanted, looking forward to seeing everyone at my group next week, have a good week all xxx


Week 15 – almost there :)

It was my weigh in this evening and I was pleased to have a 2lb loss, only 1.5lb to go to target now 🙂



I’d ran out of muesli so had Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, a banana and 3 semi dried prunes chopped on top (3 sys) with a mug of tea made with semi skimmed milk.



Homemade vegetable soup with pasta and a bag of mini Rivitas (hexb)

afternoon snack:


Morrisons smothered forest fruits on the go (5 syns)



Gammon, pineapple, baked beans, SW chips and an egg.


low on time = low on syns



Banana, strawberry’s, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, half a hexb portion of Dorset cereals muesli as that was all that was left so I added 3 semi-dried prunes (part hexb) plus a Americano with skimmed milk.



The left over pasta and mince beef and veg sauce from the other evening with a bit of salad and 10g parmesan cheese on top.

I was so busy today I didn’t really think about snacking, I only had an apple mid afternoon as I was bit peckish otherwise just water and 2 cups of tea with skimmed milk.


No photo – I was the last quorn sausage (1 syn) grilled then sliced and “fried” with mushrooms, tomato, peppers, red onion, left over cooked new potatoes sliced and some paprika and tomato puree.

I also went to running club and did a 3.5 mile run this evening

hopefully superspeed outweights the syns



28g Dorset cereal muesli (hexb) with chopped banana, strawberries, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt and a cup of tea with semi skimmed milk (hexa)



the other half of yesterdays lunch; 1/2 pouch tilda lime and coriander rice (1 syn), 1/2 pouch Sainsbury’s pad Thai sauce (4.5 syns) and veggies. I had the apple later on in the afternoon with another cup of tea.



quorn sausage (1 syn) with boiled new potato’s, steamed carrots, broccoli with petti pois and green beans with mint stirred through with gravy (3 syns)



tropical frozen fruits with a small squirt or reduced fat aerosol cream and 1 tsp of choc sauce (1 syn).

no exercise and I still ended up with 10.5 syns today.

oops syn slip up



28g Dorset cereal muesli, Tesco fat free blueberry yogurt, chopped banana and strawberry, mug of tea.




I forgot to make something for lunch so picked this up from sainsburys. unfortunately I read the pack wrong and it turns out the sauce is 4.5 syns for half the pouch not the whole pouch like I thought. I had half the rice for 1 syn and half the veggies.



pasta, beef and tomato sauce and salad.



stewed apple and currents with cinnamon (3 syns) and low fat custard (1 syn)

seeing as I also had a crunchie chocolate bar for 9.5 syns today, this takes my syns for the day to 19… hence the “oops” will have to try and not have to many tomorrow.





sunday roast



quorn sausage (1 syn), egg and baked beans (no superfree I know :/)



quorn fillet, salad mixed with mint and a bag of rivita minis (hexb)



I forgot to take photo until I’d eaten some of it. roast chicken, potato’s, green beans, carrots, shallots, broccoli and gravy (3 syns) with a 125ml glass of white wine (4 syns)

I also had 4 cups of coffee made with skimmed milk throughout the day and did a 3 mile run this morning.

curry night




half grapefruit, quorn sausage (1 syn), plum tomato and egg with 2 cups of coffee with skimmed milk.



butternut squash soup (from the SW soup book) with a bag of rivita minis (hexb).



Quorn with chip shop curry sauce from SW website, SW chips and green beans plus a 187ml bottle of white wine (6.5 syns)

I also had 2 cups of tea made with skimmed milk and went on a 17 mile cycle ride.

biscuits and alcohol…and staying on the wagon



28g Dorset cereals muesli (hexb) banana, strawberry, Tesco fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt and a cuppa.



No KFC as I didn’t tell hubby and he had already made me this. Left over spaghetti with beef and veg sauce from last night with side salad and 10g parmesan cheese (hexa along with milk in 2 teas)

Afternoon snack:


cuppa and a 3.5 syn cookie

I also had a gin and slimline tonic in the pub after work for 4 syns.



2 chicken mini fillets with broccoli, soya beans, pak choi, and lots of thai spices served with 1/4 pouch of Tilda lime and coriander rice for 0.5 syns.

Followed later by 1/2 pint made up of sugar free jelly, a pint is 1.5 syns so 3/4 of a syn for the portion I had.


week 14 – damage limitation

hello again, this week has been fairly good, I managed the two meals I went out for with staying away from the wine completely and only had a small dessert with each meal. there was also another unplanned meal out which was fish and chips but I was very proud of myself for eating all the peas then started on the fish, then I had some of the batter and chips, but not much as I found I was full so I stopped eating and gave the rest to my husband – this is a massive achievement for me as I would usually eat everything really fast then feel uncomfortable as I’d be so stuffed.

As I was off work for 5 days over Easter I also had plenty of soups with rivita minis, sw cooked breakfasts, and tried to keep the meals I had at home a “normal” size (ie. not massive portions like I was having in the past) and serving up at least 1/3 superfree.

However there was a “entire bag of mini eggs” moment that I’m not quite as proud off, as I managed to lose 1lb this week I’d obviously done enough the rest of the week to counteract this but I’m not particularly happy about the fact I scoffed the entire bag in one go, and didn’t even look up the syn value until after I’d eaten them as I knew they’d be high (24 in case you were wondering) and I wanted to eat them guilt-free. I did think afterwards what would a “normal” person do when given a bag of chocolate, would they eat them all as fast as they could and then feel sick? or would they have handful and enjoy them and put the rest away for another time? well I’m going to make it my goal to be that “normal” person who has some amount of self control. I don’t want to be having the same struggle with my weight for the rest of my life and feel if I can tackle this now I might have some chance of being able to enjoy these things and not have it be a massive issue.

Anyway I am pleased with the 1lb off this week – not to much to go to get to target now.

I have a clear week this week, apart from a trip to KFC planned for tomorrow lunchtime with my work colleagues – I’m going to have the mini fillet chicken with regular fries for 14 syns which is perfect portion size to fill me up and I will make sure I have plenty of superfree the rest of the day and keep any additional syns to a minimum.

I’ve decided to blog a daily update with my food diary this week so you can see what I’m doing differently plus it’s helpful for me to look back on to remember how I did it when I’m struggling.

Hope you all have a good week 🙂